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Dr Drew and Ernie White (Radio)

Dr. Drew and Ernie White really get into the ins and outs of government and why Americans needs to really consider why they vote the way they do. You can listen to the radio show here.

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Toilet to Tap Water: Would You Drink it

California is moving towards having its residents drink purified toilet water. The program is called "Toilet to Tap". Ernie White asks his panelist if they could drink water from their toilets would they drink it.

Ernie White Host One America News (Full Show)

Rosa Koire.. Guests include, Terry O'Hara, Stephanie Hamill Jan Ronis, My guests are: Border Patrol Agent, Shawn Moran, Chris Salcedo and Navy Seal Larry Wilske and many more.

Ernie White Guest on Dr. Drew Show

Ernie White and the panel of Dr. Drew talking about Trump and his current success running for President.

Ernie White hosting on One America News Network

The queen of the Anti-Sustainablity movement Rosa Koire joins Ernie to explain how the United Nations is behind Sustainable Development.

Ernie White hosting on One America News Network

Somehow the subject went from women's rights to simply having fun talking issues with a funny comedian Michelle Mahone.

Great job with Dr. Drew

Excellent interview, Ernie. I'm on the same page as you: globalists, the UN 2030 plan, etc. I did learn some things from your interview about how the parties work. I read Gary Allen 's " The Rockefeller File " and "None dare call it conspiracy ". This is how I can grasp what is happening now, even though the books were written in the 1970's.

Sheila Ann Young

Awesome Show!!

Another awesome show brother!! Keep standing up for us. God Bless you.

Joe Scarfone